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Welcome Junior Optimists! Is technology a good thing or not? Have you ever texted someone and had them read your text and interpret it the wrong way? When you get a message, how much thought do you put into your response? Have we become a generation of "instant gratification"? Your Junior Optimist International Board of Directors discussed these questions and arrived at this amazing program! "joiConnect!" is your way to go "0ld-School" with communicating with fellow Optimists around the world. It gives you the opportunity to actually write a letter, taking pause to think about the impact of your words and their meaning. Communicate "old-school" with a local club, a club in another state, or in another country. You may find that, by taking your time to think about your choice of words, understanding and learning is enhanced. So share your experiences and help us make joiConnect! your favorite way to learn about each other. Remember that fellow Optimists are following your input so please keep an open mind, be polite, and always use respectful and appropriate language.
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